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Justin Turner Earns 5th Roberto Clemente Award Nomination

The Roberto Clemente Award is given annually to a player who demonstrates the values Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente displayed in his commitment to community and understanding the value of helping others. It is awarded to the MLB player who best represents the game of Baseball through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy and positive contributions, both on and off the field.  Each club nominates a player in September. The winner is selected from 30 nominees during the World Series. Originally the award was called the Commissioner’s Award, the honor was named for Clemente in 1973.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of when Roberto Clemente, the Hall of Famer and 15-time All-Star tragically died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve 1972 while attempting to deliver supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

The first winner of the Award (as was then known as the Commissioner’s Award) in 1971 was Willie Mays.  Last year, the winner was Nelson Cruz, representing Minnesota.  The Dodgers have had two previous winners: Steve Garvey (1981) and Clayton Kershaw (2012).  22 teams have had winners, with St. Louis leading the way with 6.  Baltimore has 5, while NYM and Minnesota have had 4 winners.  Their respective communities are very blessed to have them.

This year, the Dodgers have nominated Justin Turner for the 5th time in the last 6 years.  Kenley Jansen broke that string as the Dodgers nominee in 2019.


Thursday, September 15th will mark the 21st annual Roberto Clemente Day, which was established by Major League Baseball to honor Clemente’s humanitarian legacy, and to formally acknowledge Club nominees of the Roberto Clemente Award.

The Dodgers plan to honor JT on the field prior to their game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on September 19.

JT has become ingrained in the community, giving his time, energy and financial support to a variety of charitable efforts.

The Justin Turner Foundation (JTF), which he founded in 2016 with his wife Kourtney. The Foundation’s official mission is to support homeless veterans, children (and their families) battling life-altering illnesses and diseases and various youth baseball organizations.

  • To help raise funds and awareness for the challenges faced by homeless veterans, the Justin Turner Foundation holds an annual golf classic and champions AM 570’s Veterans Day Radio-a-thon, both of which support the Dream Center’s Veterans Program. In 2022, the golf tournament raised more than $650,000 for the Dream Center and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  • The JTF supports and provides housing for veterans at The Dream Center in Los Angeles and has provided the Dream Center with over 70,000 toys and 14,000 bicycles to children through its holiday-giving efforts.
  • Beyond his Foundation, Turner is a fixture at Dodgers and Dodgers Foundation community events, local hospitals and the Dream Center, which renamed its food bank The Justin & Kourtney Turner Food Bank in his honor.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the JTF partnered with the Dream Center to assist its drive-through and walk-up food and essentials line. An estimated 12,000 individuals per day received meals through drive-through distribution and an estimated 900,000 meals were served throughout 2022.
  • JTF covers the annual costs of the Dream Center Foster Care Intervention Program, which works to ensure families can remain together and out of foster care.
  • The Dream Center named its food bank The Justin & Kourtney Turner Food Bank.
  • The Turners also regularly visit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), Cedars-Sinai and UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.
  • In 2019, the JTF hosted its first Winter Wonderland at CHLA for children unable to leave the hospital for the holidays.
  • The Turners are board members for UCLA’s Operation Mend, which provides advanced surgical and medical treatment for veterans as well as serve on the board for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.
  • This year, Turner, a native of Long Beach, donated to and helped renovate the main community room and dining area at the Volunteers of America Transition House (T-House), a 20,000-square-foot facility that offers emergency shelter and individual service plans to help with the move to more permanent housing.
  • During All-Star Week and the morning following a Dodger game on July 17, the JTF’s All-Star Bingo Tournament helped raise more than $25,000 for causes the JTF supports.



  • This year, Justin was the LA Marathon race starter ambassador, helping to raise more than $70,000.
  • Justin also created a Military Monday program prior to the 2019 season where, through social media, he solicits nominations and then selects a military family to receive an all-inclusive gameday experience each Monday home game.
  • Last year, the Turner’s created an event to support one of Kourtney’s passion…running. Kourtney has run in the last 4 LA Marathons.  In 2021, they created a virtual Turner Trot 5K.
  • On Sept. 4, 2022, the Foundation took over the parking lot of Dodger Stadium and a mile of the famed Sunset Strip for the first ever in-person Justin Turner Foundation Turner Trot 5K. More than 1,200 in-person participants ran from Dodger Stadium, through Echo Park, and to the Dream Center where the Turners greeted the participants. Participants included Justin’s Los Angeles Dodgers teammate Chris Taylor and his fiancée Mary. Tricia Roberts, wife of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, also participated, and so did Max Muncy’s wife, Kellie, and NHL star Tyler Toffoli.  JT gives Kourtney all of the credit  was primarily spearheaded by JT’s wife, Kourtney, who has run the last four LA Marathon’s.



When asked to comment on his nomination, JT offered:

“I’m grateful to once again represent the Dodgers as the Roberto Clemente Award nominee,” said Turner. “There are many honors that come with being a Major League Baseball player, but there is nothing that makes me more proud than representing Roberto’s No. 21 and trying to follow in his philanthropic footsteps. The Justin Turner Foundation doesn’t work for recognition, but receiving this distinction reassures us that our relationship with the community is on the right track.”

“It’s really an honor. I’ve received this nomination multiple times now, and with all the teammates that I have that are active in the community, to be the one that is selected to represent the Dodgers, it’s pretty special,” Turner said. “But more importantly, to be the person that is Justin Turner for the Roberto Clemente award, knowing how much he cared first about community and giving back and lifting people up, that is truly special to Kourt and I and something we don’t take for granted.”

“I think it’s important as a Dodger player or Major League baseball player to understand the platform that we’ve been given,” Turner said. “One thing that Kourt and I really try to take pride in is spending as much time as we can serving other people and setting the example to help other teammates realize just how big their platform is and how much they can impact people’s lives and hopefully kind of lead them to starting their own foundation or organization to give back to our community.”


You can vote for JT now through 11:59 p.m. ET on October 5, 2022.

VOTE NOW: 2022 Roberto Clemente Award presented by Capital One


Please see link below for the JT bio supporting his nomination.


On September 30, 1972, in his final official AB, Roberto Clemente stroked a double to LF of NYM pitcher Jon Matlack, for his 3,000th career hit.  He did have 17 additional ABs in the 1972 NLCS loss (3 games to 2) against Cincinnati.  Cincinnati went on to lose to Oakland in the WS, 4 games to 3.  It was the first of three consecutive WS wins for Oakland.

We have often been proud of our heroes who have been so unselfish in their philanthropic endeavors.  But how about actually giving your life to one of those causes.  In essence that is exactly what happened to the great Roberto Clemente.  He was killed with four others when the cargo plane in which he is traveling crashes off the coast of Puerto Rico. Clemente was on his way to deliver relief supplies to Nicaragua following a devastating earthquake there a week earlier.

Some of Clemente’s  charitable work had taken him to Nicaragua, so Clemente was particularly distressed when he learned that very little aid was getting to victims of a devastating December 23 earthquake near Managua.

Clemente decided to collect supplies on his own and personally deliver them. The plan went awry when Clemente chose for the mission a plane owned by Arthur Rivera. Rivera had bought an old DC-7 propeller plane to go along with a DC-3 he operated to haul cargo in the Caribbean. Apparently, the plane was in such bad shape that others wondered why Rivera had bothered to purchase it.

Rivera had been repeatedly cited for safety violations in previous years. On December 2, Rivera took the DC-7 out to test the engine but forgot to close the hydraulic pump and ended up putting the plane into a drainage ditch. This bent two of the propeller blades and damaged the landing gear. Only some of these damages were fixed prior to the December 31 flight.

On the previous day, Clemente was at San Juan International Airport’s cargo area helping to load relief supplies when he discovered there were far more than could be carried in the plane he had available. Rivera approached Clemente and offered to fly the supplies to Nicaragua for $4,000, not telling Clemente he had no crew for the plane. Clemente agreed and Rivera scrambled to find a pilot. He located Jerry Hill, who had a checkered record, and began to load the plane. It was later determined that Rivera loaded the plane over its maximum capacity. In fact, Clemente himself was warned by someone at the airport that the plane looked dangerously overloaded when he was about to board.

The plane took off at 9 p.m. and the sounds of engine failure were heard as it went down the runway. It reached an altitude of only 200 feet before exploding and plunging into the ocean. Rescue workers were sent out immediately, but the task was next to impossible in the darkness. The bodies were never found. The news hit Puerto Rico hard–one friend of Clemente described it as the “night that happiness died.”

A subsequent investigation into the crash revealed that the plane never should have been put in the air and that the pilot had erred by over-boosting the engines.

In 1973, Clemente was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 2002, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.







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Lets face it, he deserves to win one. The guy has been outstanding in his work in the community.


Turner deserves the award and more importantly he is heart and soul of Dodgers.

Bogaerts is one of the best hitters against lefties in baseball. Dodgers need that. I think I would prefer him over Trea for that reason alone.

I like the rules changes and I hope auto balls and strikes are next.

I sure am glad Max is a Dodger. Not as glad that Chris and Cody are.

Singing the Blue

I never realized fans are allowed to vote for this award. Just gave JT my vote.

You are glad that Max is a Dodger?
Are you saying that tongue-in-cheek or have you changed your opinion?

Trea’s lifetime stats against lefties are actually better than Xander’s, although not by a whole lot. TT’s lifetime numbers (total against right and left) are also better. They are both excellent offensive players. Trea, however, is considered a far superior defensive player.

I would still rather we sign Turner, but if we can’t get him I’d be more than happy with Bogaerts.

Singing the Blue

Totally in agreement with your last sentence.

Trea became even more valuable today with the new rule about pitchers going to first base on pickoff attempts, plus the fact that the bases will be slightly closer next year. He should be good for at least 50 stolen bases next year.

Interesting factoid related to the pitch clock rule: pitcher taking the most time between pitches this year – Kenley Jansen


I don’t know how well Max will hit from here on out but for now he adds depth to the lineup and I like that. Therefore I am glad he is on the team for the rest of this year. I am not eating crow though because I think all my trades that sent Max away would have brought back a good player. I never said trade him for a bag of balls or anything close to that.

I am okay with Bogaerts being Plan B. Unlike most, I would consider Corea as well. He is entertaining. I watch baseball to be entertained. Corea just needs to say the right things first. I would still be a Dodger fan. Some people will vote for someone that if elected, I would move to Canada. Corea isn’t in that category for me.


I think we all want Trea at short for the extended future but it certainly is possible he doesn’t want to finish his career here. Lux and Mookie up the middle with Judge in right wouldn’t be awful.

Fred Vogel

Trea will stealing so many bases these next few years. Hopefully, as a Dodger.


News from Internet:

Devil Ray Jay Johnson Forget the MVP Award. Assume Judge and Ohtani are free agents this offseason and both will agree to the same long term contract. Which do you sign?

Dan Szymborski Gotta be Ohtani. Even two years in age is a significant difference in free agent valuation.

Dansby Swansong Does Tony Clark understand the full implication of unionizing the minor leagues and the conflict it could present?

Dan Szymborski I don’t know what he understands, but I doubt he’s unaware of the consequences. It may be painful, but it’s an inevitability, I think, the question is when it happens between soon and 2050 or something. MLB’s patchwork two-tier system is just really unwieldy and leads to really weird incentives

Farhandrew Zaidman Trayce Thompson – legit every day OF or a nice story and a hot streak?

Dan Szymborski Nice story and his stock has gone up, but let’s not go nuts yet

Pkpkpkpk Hey there Dan, thanks for the chat. I’m wondering if you have any insight into Freddie Freeman and his power shortage (doesn’t quite qualify as an outage) and how that might affect his future projections. He’s obviously hitting plenty, and his production is still excellent, but I’m curious as to whether the change in the shape of his production affects his projections positively or negatively, if at all.

Dan Szymborski I doubt much of a change in projections. It’s not like his hard hit numbers have crashed, plus league HR rate dropping by like 15% and aging are part of it too… The shape may change a bit — a bit more BA a bit fewer HR — but I don’t imagine it would be much of a change

Zach Recent reports state that Bellinger refuses to change his stance, specifically not spreading out and lowering his hands, as he believes he can still succeed with the swing he had when he won MVP. How can someone who has been the worst qualified hitter in baseball over the past two years be so stubborn as to not completely change everything?

Dan Szymborski High-end professional athletes tend to be stubborn; it’s hard to get to that level of play without an enormous amount of confidence… Now, not a*all* players will be confident/stubborn to that degree, but it helps

Torquelson Hey Dan, Do you think Mookie keeps getting starts at second base?

Dan Szymborski He got a handful of appearances there last year too… I never thought him as a wreck at second as a prospect. But he had the misfortune of being a middle infield prospect on a team that had Bogaerts and Pedroia

Trout Is this the new Trout? 30% K rate, power, and not much else?


Cat Latos
Would your cats attack you if they were 10x larger?

Dan Szymborski I suspect so. They bop each other and they’re the same size as each other

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The Change: -4% Sinker, -4% Curveball, -4% Changeup, +12% Four-Seamer

Oh man, this one is a delight. As we all know, smart teams hate fastballs. As we all know, the Dodgers are a smart team….

An interesting look at Minor League records. The correlation between those “good at developing” and those “good at winning”

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Kahnle’s rehab assignment report:
Kahnle only threw three fastballs, one each at 95, 96, and 97, but still good to see the velo holding up on his first back to back. His two fastballs last night were both at 96.

González’s velo was up today, sitting 95 with a couple 94s mixed in.

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Keith Law Chat:
JJ Thoughts on Chaim Bloom? The fanbase/media in Boston is just about ready to kick him to the curb. Is he qualified to be the GM for the Red Sox? It seems to me that a management position in Tampa Bay is a completely different animal than that job title with a team with twice the payroll, like the Red Sox or Yankees.

Keith Law LOL. Yes, he’s qualified. I really don’t give a rat’s ass what the fanbase thinks and neither should anyone in that organization. I have vague memories of fans and media arguing that the Sox were wrong to move John Valentin to third base for an unproven rookie back in 1997.

Henry I totally agree with your assessment that MLB owners will contract minor league teams if unionization goes through. What can the player’s association do to realistically stop that unintended consequence?

Keith Law That’s a better question for a labor lawyer.

Tom Any concern over Kiebert Ruiz’s meh offensive season?

Keith Law No, and also I see a huge contact rate that I believe will turn into much more production next year.

Guest Any notable 2022 draft debuts yet? Spencer Jones is performing really well in Tampa but he should be dominating in Low-A right?

Keith Law Exactly. Rushing too. Props to Baltimore for pushing Dylan Beavers to high A, even just for two weeks.

Fangraphs Sunday Notes:

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“Diego Cartaya Gained a Flatter Swing (and Lost a Baseball Brother)”

Prospects1500 Looks back at the Dodgers draft:

Recapping the MLB Draft: National League

Los Angeles Dodgers

Best Pick: Dalton Rushing 
Worst Pick: Nick Biddison
Sleeper: Logan Wagner
Deep Sleeper: Chris Newell

This article has a title that is just too good to pass on:

So, You Want to Seize the Means of Production

“So, You Want to Seize the Means of Production”

Prospects1500 on Kendall Williams 

Prospect Kendall Williams – Potential Dodgers Ace?

Brought to the west coast from Toronto in a trade that sent Ross Stripling to the “Great North,” Williams (along with Ryan Noda 1B/OF) was one of the two players to be named later. The former (Williams) is an extremely projectable right-handed pitching prospect….

Jay Jaffe Chat:
GuestatDoor Thoughts on the new rule changes reported yesterday? I’ve wanted pitch clocks for awhile but actually looking at the rule there’s 50 different ways that the batter or the pitcher can break the rule. I’m worried it’s gonna feel ridiculous when the Sox lose to the Twins because Aaron Bummer forgot how many times he stepped off the rubber or whatever.

Jay Jaffe Conceptually I’m in favor of a pitch clock, I’ve come around on the idea that it’s worth seeing what banning the shift would do, and the bigger bases are fine. However, there are some complexities to the rules changes that I honestly haven”t taken the time to digest yet. I know i’m supposed to have a blistering hot take here, but the stove ain’t lit yet

Dan Will we have roboumps next year?

Jay Jaffe Not in the majors. 2024 is possible if things go well in the minors and with further testing but those aren’t guarantees.

Guest how do you think front offices will adjust to the bigger bases? Is there going to be a significant shift towards building faster teams that steal more bases, or do you think the change isn’t big enough to cause a big philosophical change from the way things are right now?

Jay Jaffe I don’t think the bigger bases themselves will have a huge impact on base stealing but the pitch clock-related limitations on the number of throws will. And I think we’ll see some experimentation before anyone discovers how much this will really have an impact from a philosophical standpoint.

Matt VW With likeliest playoff participants in mind, which potential World Series matchup strikes you as the most intriguing / appealing?

Jay Jaffe I want Dodgers-Yankees. That’s what made me a baseball fan in the first place and I’ve spent more time writing about and watching those two teams in my lifetime than any other.

Darryl Vanilla Peak DeGrom or Peak Pedro?

Jay Jaffe Peak Pedro. From 1997-2003, he had a 213 ERA+ in 1400 innings, which is more than deGrom has thrown in his entire major league career.

Pedro Where do you come down on Dwight Evans’ omission from the Hall? Thanks

Jay Jaffe I’m pro-Evans. Wrote about him for the 2020 ballot and think he’s got a shot sooner or later

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