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RC Quakes 2022 Season In Review

We are drawing to a close to the MLB season and finding topics that haven’t been told over and over are few and far between.  Really, how many times or how many ways can we talk about Cody Bellinger’s troubles at the plate, or Craig Kimbrel’s frustrating blown saves?  Or how about how great the big 3 at the top of the order have been?  Tony Gonsolin/Tyler Anderson/Julio Urias?

We are still three weeks from completing the regular season and we have no reason to do any autopsy analysis at this time.  There are still too many unknowns, so to try to forecast a playoff roster may be fun, but without knowledge as to who will be healthy, we are grasping at straws.

The MiLB season is also in the process of winding down.  The Rookie Leagues were completed earlier this month, while the A Leagues (California League and Midwest League) finished on Sunday.  During the off days or down time, I would like to profile the seasons for some of those players.  I will focus on players that have stood out or have disappointed.    It is very easy to say that nothing went wrong for any of the LAD prospects (ranked or unranked) but it isn’t realistic.  On the other hand there were players that came out of the blue and had marvelous seasons that I wish to recognize.

Great Lakes is the LAD affiliate in the Midwest League, and qualified for the playoffs.  Great Lakes won the 1st game of the best of three series, while Lake County shutout Great Lakes in Game 2.  Thus a deciding Game 3 (Friday) for the Division Championship.  In Game 3, Great Lakes starts Kendall Williams (3-5, 4.15 ERA in the regular season), opposing fellow righty Aaron Davenport (7-6, 4.21 ERA).

Rancho Cucamonga Quakes is the LAD affiliate in the California League.  They ended the season with a 68-64 record, good for 5th best record overall.  Only 6 Quakes hitters had at least 357 PA, the minimum number of PA to qualify for league leaders.

  • Damon Keith – .299/.433/.500/.933
  • Yunior Garcia – .305/.383/.52/.895
  • Austin Gauthier – .287/.461/.433/.894
  • Yeiner Fernandez – .292/.383/.430/.813
  • Luis Rodriguez – .241/.344/.369/.713
  • Jake Vogel – .236/.327/.336/.663

The first three were promoted to Great Lakes, so Fernandez, Rodriguez, and Vogel were the only three Quakes that stayed at RC for the full season that qualified for league leaders.  Here is where the Quakes offensive players ranked amongst the California League Leaders (to #16).

OPS Leaders

  • Damon Keith – #2
  • Yunior Garcia – #5
  • Austin Gauthier – #6
  • Yeiner Fernandez – #16


  • Yunior Garcia – #4
  • Damon Keith – #5
  • Yeiner Fernandez – #6
  • Austin Gauthier – #9


  • Austin Gauthier – #1
  • Damon Keith – #3
  • Yeiner Fernandez – #10
  • Yunior Garcia – #10


  • Yunior Garcia – #4
  • Damon Keith – #7


  • Yeiner Fernandez – #15 (106)


  • Yunior Garcia – #16 (13)


  • Yunior Garcia – #5 (28)
  • Damon Keith – #13 (23)


  • Jake Vogel – #2 (9)
  • Austin Gauthier – #14 (4)
  • Damon Keith – #14 (4)


  • Yunior Garcia – #7 (74)
  • Yeiner Fernandez – #11 (68)
  • Luis Rodriguez – #14 (67)


  • Austin Gauthier – #2 (88)
  • Damon Keith – #11 (69)
  • Luis Rodriguez – #12 (65)


  • Luis Rodriguez – #2 (159)
  • Jake Vogel – #16 (111)

There were no Quakes pitchers that had 105.2 IP the least IP needed to qualify for league leaders.  Here are all of the RC pitchers that had at least 40 IP.

  • Jerming Rosario – 85.1 IP
  • Benony Robles – 78.1 IP
  • Orlando Ortiz-Mayr – 61.0 IP
  • Christian Suarez – 58.2 IP
  • Ronan Kopp – 57.2 IP
  • Kelvin Bautista – 54.0 IP
  • Huei-Sheng Lin – 52.1 IP
  • Martin Santana – 47.1 IP
  • Maddux Bruns – 44.1 IP
  • Carlos De Los Santos – 43.2 IP
  • Madison Jeffrey – 42.0 IP
  • Joan Valdez – 41.1 IP
  • Adolfo Ramírez – 41.0 IP

Team Rankings (Hitting):

  • OPS – #2 (.811)
  • SLG – #2 (.432)
  • OBP – #1 (.379)
  • AVG – #2 (.268)
  • Runs – #2 (906)
  • Hits – #3 (1,236)
  • 2B – #2 (255)
  • 3B – #5 (36)
  • HR – #3 (143)
  • BB – #1 (729)
  • SO – 2nd least (1,262)
  • SB – #7 (126)

Team Rankings (Pitching):

  • ERA – #6 (5.49)
  • WHIP – #6 (1.65)
  • Hits – 2nd Least (1,068)
  • Runs – 3rd Most (844)
  • ER – 3rd Most (712)
  • HR – 4th Most (118)
  • BB – 2nd Most (763)
  • SO – 1st Most (1,481)
  • BAA – 2nd Least (.241)
  • Saves – #8 (22) – Out of 52 save opportunities, far and away the worst save rate in California League

We will similarly profile the teams as their seasons conclude.

I am more stats and scouting reports driven while Harold is more interested in the personal stories.  Together I think we do a good job of profiling many of the prospects from all angles.

I have the MiLB players that I want to focus on.  Perhaps some of you have RC players that you would like for one of us to profile.  We can make suggestions for Great Lakes, Tulsa, and OKC when their respective seasons end.  What players have you been surprised by or disappointed by?




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I find it interesting that with 3 weeks left in the season we have unknowns. Roberts spoke to that very thing yesterday. He’s not worried. At least that’s what he says. We should be good enough to beat anybody left standing, no matter who it is we throw out there. But that could have been said every year for the last decade or so.

Quakes. I don’t know them. But the stats look like Dodgers stats.

Harold Uhlman

Good work on this Jeff.

I definitely am more interested in the personal stories that the players have. I think that may have come from spending 35 years with junior high students. Well, 40 years if I count supply teaching after retirement and coaching basketball.

I am interested in their statistical stories too as stats are often what catches my eye to look more carefully at Damon Keith

I never write about any disappointments I may have in players and try to always accentuate the positive. There are some players that suprised me and I have profiled some of those. I will touch on those later.

I had this note from Brad Tunney – Loons play-by-play announcer.

Always appreciate you reaching out. The end of the first half was the most exciting run I’ve been apart of with the Loons (even better than the end of 2016).
Confidence is pretty high in the team and with the Dodgers minor league folks despite the sluggish finish.
Look forward to hearing from you over the next week. 3 wins away!
825 E. Main St. Midland, MI 48640
989.837.6149 |

Last edited 1 year ago by Harold Uhlman

Kendall should maybe be given an opportunity with an organization that isn’t 3 outcome oriented. He hit we’ll enough in college to be a first round pick. Where did that contact ability go?

Harold Uhlman

Jeff – I too may be disappointed in performance and may have expectations. It is just that I never write about them.

It is the players that go unnoticed that I try to hone in on.Once in a long time I score a hit.

The big play for me in 2016 was the Omar Estevez grand slam that turned the whole season around for the Loons.

Harold Uhlman

Jeff – this is my first Caleb Ferguson post.

Pitching prospect Caleb Ferguson hoping to make Dodgers gamble worthwhile

The comments are interesting.

Last edited 1 year ago by Harold Uhlman
Harold Uhlman

Yes it was. East coast and west coast and the Loons in the middle.

Singing the Blue

Dodgers have released their list of players who will be participating in the Az Fall League:



The one that surprises me is Tanner Dodson. Maybe you, Jeff or you, Harold, have written about him and I missed it, but in checking his stats I really can’t see why he’s there.

25 year old, taken by the Mets in the second round of the 2018 draft as an outfielder/relief pitcher. His first year in the Dodger system was this year and was spent at Tulsa where he only pitched had a 2.3 WHIP, 7.6k/9 and 9.7bb/9. Not only did he have more walks than strike outs but also more walks than innings. Please help me understand why they’d use a valuable space on the roster for him.

Mind you, I very much hope he succeeds, because he’s a Cal alum and so am I.

Last edited 1 year ago by Singing the Blue
Singing the Blue

Agreed. Harris and Sheehan are two potential bright lights in the system. Also anxious to see what Pages and Ramos can do.

I’ve always thought about Vivas and Leonard as basically very similar players. I wonder if the fact that Vivas is going and Leonard isn’t says anything about what they feel about those two.

Harold Uhlman

Harris is in the Loons game early tonight in the fifth inning.

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