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Rule 5 Draft Protection and Final AFL Stats

By 3:00 PM on Tuesday, we should learn of the names of the Dodgers prospects who have been added to the 40 man roster and out of the Rule 5 draft. Players signed at age 18 or younger need to be added to their club’s 40-Man roster within five seasons or they become eligible for the Rule 5 Draft. Players who signed at age 19 or older need to be protected within four seasons.

This was important last year, as 3 Dodgers were selected in the Rule 5 draft.  1B Ryan Noda was retained by Oakland for the entire year, and LHRP Jose Hernández was retained by Pittsburgh for the entire year.  Gus Varland was selected by Milwaukee but returned to the Dodgers on May 22, 2023.

This year the Dodgers currently have 35 players on the 40 man roster.  There can be some trades before the final selections.  Maybe some anticipated non-tenders could be designated if needed.

There are 42 players in the LAD organization who are Rule 5 eligible.

  • C – 4
  • 1B – 3
  • 2B – 0
  • 3B – 2
  • SS – 0
  • OF – 6
  • SP – 9
  • RP – 18

There are two no-brainers:

  • RHSP Nick Frasso
  • RHSP Landon Knack

Others who might (should) be considered:

  • C – Hunter Feduccia
  • RHSP – Kendall Williams
  • 2B/SS/C – Yeiner Fernandez
  • RHP – Carlos Duran
  • RHP – Edgardo Henriquez

Other notable players who will probably not be considered:

  • C – Carson Taylor
  • 1B – Brandon Lewis
  • 3B – Kody Hoese
  • OF – José Ramos
  • RHSP – Jerming Rosario – Risky not to protect
  • LHSP – Robinson Ortiz
  • LHRP – Alec Gamboa – Possible Rule 5 Draft Pick
  • RHRP – Braydon Fisher
  • LHRP – John Rooney


Dodgers Final AFL stats

  • 2B/SS Yeiner Fernandez: .289/.413/.526, 4 2B, HR, 3B, 17.4% BB rate, 10.9% K rate


  • OF Damon Keith: .254/.329/.507, 4 HR, 4 2B, 3B, 10.1% BB rate, 31.6% K rate


  • RHP Ben Casparius: 10.43 ERA, 14⅔ IP, 29% K rate, 13% BB rate, 5 HR


  • RHP Kendall Williams: 5.30 ERA, 18⅔ IP, 22.2% K rate, 7.4% BB rate, 4 HR


  • RHP Ryan Sublette: 1.93 ERA, 9⅓ IP, 26.2% K rate, 19% BB rate, 1 HR


  • RHP Jake Pilarski: 1.00 ERA, 9 IP, 22.5% K rate, 10% BB rate, 1 HR


  • LHP Ronan Kopp: 1.13 ERA, 8 IP, 46.9% K rate, 18.8% BB rate, 1 HR


A couple of key players lost as they became MiLB free agents.  First baseman and sometimes corner outfielder Imanol Vargas hit .251/.357.,463 with 22 home runs, 29 doubles, a 114 wRC+, 174 strikeouts and 76 walks as a 25-year-old for Double-A.

“Vargas’ raw power is apparently in his 114 mph max exit velocity and extreme damage on contact,” Matt Eddy (Baseball America) wrote. “The issue has been making enough contact to take full advantage. Vargas doesn’t chase much out of the zone but can be beat in the zone with good stuff.”

Also noted by Eddy was outfielder Yusniel Díaz, who returned to the Dodgers as a non-roster invitee and heated up down the stretch. Díaz hit .278/.374/.484 with 16 home runs and a 125 wRC+ for Tulsa, and won Texas League player of the month in August.




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Finally some offseason baseball action.

Thanks for the write-up.

A’s might field an entire team of Rule 5ers next season.


Sure hope they get rid of Barnes and give Fedducia a shot.


With Kershaw leaving it might be time.


If we had a better backup catcher, we could give Smith more games off. Some of the days he could DH when a lefty is pitching and Muncy could rest or play 3B.


Yeiner Fernandez. I just read his scouting report and though it reads well, good fielder, quick behind the plate, bat to ball skills, his overall grade was 40. Would he be picked up if left off the 40? He doesn’t appear ready for the bigs.

My inclination would be to protect and develop pitchers. I don’t know who among the many outside the obvious would be selected to protect. My guess would be Duran.

If we had to dump one of our catchers 5 catchers, 6 counting Fernandez (though I think he will become a second baseman) who would it be? I think a strong argument could made that catcher would be Barnes.

I will admit this year I’m not as up to date with our minor league system. I will rely on what Jeff and others say here.

Singing the Blue

I think your point about protecting pitchers is well taken. I haven’t checked actual numbers but it seems to me that pitchers in the lower minors who are Rule5 drafts are much more likely to stick all year than are position players.


I can’t argue against you and Badger about protecting pitchers but 2B/SS Yeiner Fernandez intrigues me. He could be an emergency catcher.

  • AFL .289/.413/.526, 4 2B, HR, 3B, 17.4% BB rate, 10.9% K rate

Yamamoto, Buehler, Pepiot, Sheehan plus a Stone/Grove piggyback 5th pitcher.


I’d give Bobby Miller a shot too. He looks like he may be ok

Singing the Blue

You’re just saying that because he shares your name.
Or maybe Fred included him in one of his trades so we don’t have him any longer.

Last edited 6 months ago by Singing the Blue
Singing the Blue

I’m with you. Yeiner is definitely worth keeping an eye on.


Adames and Bichette for Lux and Muncy plus others as needed to create a new left side.


Cranky you are.

Adames and Bichette have been involved in trade rumors while those you listed have not.

Singing the Blue

Word just out that Padres lead owner (and Walter O’Malley’s grandson) Peter Seidler has died.

From everything I’ve read he was a really good guy. Sad news. RIP.


Per Fabian A:

The Dodgers have added Nick Frasso, Landon Knack and Hunter Feduccia to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft.

Two spots still unfilled.

Singing the Blue

We’ll probably lose at least a couple of the pitchers that Jeff mentioned above (Duran, Henriquez, Williams) but I guess we can’t keep them all.

Glad to see Feduccia made it, but he might not be. This probably means another year at AAA for him unless AF does the unthinkable and trades Barnes.


Not really surprised by Frasso and Knack. Feduccia deserves a shot at a roster spot somewhere. Yet when the team needed a catcher, they didn’t call him up, they called someone named Wynns I believe.


This guy knows


Yeah, you said that at the time and saving an option year on a 26 year old backup catcher made no more sense to me then than it does now. By the time they might intend to use him Rushing or Cartaya will be ready for that backup position and Feduccia will be gone.

Wynns didn’t hurt? Wynns is a nobody with a .525 OPS this year.

Singing the Blue

He earned 5.5 mil this year. I’m not sure anyone will be ready to take on that salary (he’s arb eligible this winter) which will probably be in the same neighborhood next year.

I’m guessing they wind up not being able to trade him and just release him. At that point, anyone could sign him, including Mr. Friedman.

On the other hand, the Giants have money to burn. They might take a chance on him and trade with the Guardians before he’s released.


Shock, they only protected three, Frasso, Knack and Feduccia. Hmmm

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