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So You’re Not Impressed With AF At The Deadline?

We go through this every deadline and Winter.  Yesterday, one of our commenters said that he was not impressed with AF’s trade deadline history.  I know he is not alone, and I certainly respect his and the other’s opinion.   Apparently to some, unless a baseball executive hits 100% on trades, they are in fact nothing special.  We can all point to the ones that did not pan out IN RETROSPECT.  But how many said before hand that they were bad trades.  No Bear, I am not talking about Tyler White and Jedd Gyorko.  And then again define a bad trade.  Trades at the deadline are made to put the team in the best possible situation to win that year.  The cost is generally a prospect whose future is ahead. Prospects are just that…prospects.  There are no guarantees they will be productive or busts, just like there are no guarantees that the trade will lead to a WS.

Here are the deadline trades made during the AF era.

2015 – LHP Alex Wood (Atlanta) and 2B Jose Peraza (Atlanta) and Mike Morse, Jim Johnson, Bronson Arroyo, Luis Avilan, and Mat Latos from the Braves and Marlins, while giving up Hector Olivera, Paco Rodriguez, and Zach Bird.  So really, Alex Wood and Luis Avilan.

2016 – LHSP Rich Hill (Oakland) and OF Josh Riddick (Oakland) for RHP Grant Holmes, RHP Frankie Montas, RHP Jharel Cotton.

2016 – RHRP Josh Fields (Texas) for Yordan Alvarez (the one everyone talks about but nobody ever heard of before the trade).  Judge trades AT THE TIME OF THE TRADE not after.  If you complained about what a mistake it was at the time of the trade, congratulations.  You should be in a MLB GM’s office giving player advice.  Alvarez had exactly ZERO PA while in the LAD organization.

2017 – RHSP Yu Darvish (Texas) for Willie Calhoun, AJ Alexy, and Brandon Dixon.

2017 – LHRP Tony Watson (Pittsburgh) for IF Oneil Cruz and RHP Angel German.

2017 – LHRP Tony Cingrani (Cincinnati) for 1B/OF Scott Van Slyke and minor league catcher Hendrik Clementina.

2017 (Waiver Wire) – OF Curtis Granderson (NYM) for RHRP Jacob Rhame.  Curtis did not produce on the field, but his presence in the clubhouse was immeasurable.  Curtis Granderson is one of the great human beings.

2018 – Manny Machado (Baltimore) for OF Yusniel Diaz, RHP Dean Kremer, RHRP Zach Pop, 3B Rylan Bannon, INF Breyvic Valera.

  • Yusniel Diaz back with Dodgers in AA.
  • Dean Kremer still with Baltimore in their rotation
  • Zach Pop – Toronto AAA
  • Rylan Bannon – Houston AAA
  • Breyvic Valera – Out of baseball

2018 – RHRP John Axford (Toronto) for AAA RHRP Corey Copping

2018 – Brian Dozier (Minnesota) for 2B Logan Forsythe, OF Luke Raley and LHP Devin Smeltzer

2018 (Waiver Wire) – David Freese (Pittsburgh) for DSL INF Jesus Valdez – Best supplemental trade deadline transaction for AF

2019 – LHRP Adam Kolarek (Tampa Bay) for A+ OF Niko Hulsizer

2019 – INF Jedd Gyorko (St. Louis) for DSL RHP Jeffry Abreu and LHRP Tony Cingrani.

2019 – 1B/DH Tyler White (Houston) for AA RHRP Andre Scrubb

2019 – Utility Kristopher Negrón (Seattle) for MiLB Utility INF Daniel Castro

2020 – MiLB RHP Kendall Williams and MiLB 1B/DH Ryan Noda for RHP Ross Stripling

2021 – RHSP Max Scherzer (Washington) and SS Trea Turner (Washington) for C Keibert Ruiz and RHSP Josiah Gray

2021 – RHSP Danny Duffy (KC) for cash considerations

2021 – OF Billy McKinney (NYM) for AA OF Carlos Rincón

2022 – OF Joey Gallo (NYY) for AA RHSP Clayton Beeter

2022 – RHRP Chris Martin (Cubs) for utility Zach McKinstry

2022 – DSL OF prospect German Tapia (Tampa Bay) for RHRP Garrett Cleavinger

2022 – Cash consideration (Seattle) for 3B/1B/LF Jake Lamb (Really sending Jake Lamb home to Seattle)

2022 – RHP Nick Frasso and DSL LHP Moises Brito for RHP Mitch White and AA 3B Alex De Jesus.

A mixed bag of results.  Mostly positive.  How many GMs/President of Baseball Operations do not make mistakes?  Name me one.  The Dodgers do not stay on top as long as they have unless the guy pulling the strings makes a lot more positive deals than he does negative deals, especially where the Dodgers draft.

Let’s get the least favorite out of the way.  Yordan Álvarez was nobody.  When baseball people were talking about the Dodgers’ Álvarez, they thought it was Yadier Álvarez.  The Dodgers knew Houston wanted Álvarez, and Houston had a reliever the Dodgers wanted. The deal was made.  Álvarez did not have one PA outside of his 2014-15 year in Cuba until he played in the DSL for Houston.

Secondly, who is to say that Alvarez would have been the same player in the LAD organization.  Maybe yes. Maybe no.  But…

Josh Fields –

  • 2016 – 19.1 IP, 2.79 ERA, 3.61 FIP, 1.448 WHIP, 1-0, 2 holds
  • 2017 – 57.0 IP, 2.84 ERA, 4.18 FIP, 0.965 WHIP, 5-0, 2 Sv, 3 BSv, 15 holds
  • 2018 – 41.0 IP, 2.20 ERA, 3.62 FIP, 0.951 WHIP, 2-2, 2 Sv, 1 BSv, 8 holds

Fields did not allow any inherited runners (13) to score after June 10, 2017.

Fields was not the closer (Kenley Jansen) or primary setup:

  • 2016 – Joe Blanton and Pedro Baez
  • 2017 – Pedro Baez, Brandon Morrow (after June 1), Tony Watson and Tony Cingrani (after trade deadline)
  • 2018 – Pedro Baez and Scott Alexander

The Dodgers are looking for relief help this deadline, and would gladly take a pitcher with those metrics.  Fields was not a problem.  He just was not what Yordan Álvarez turned out to be.

For all those that can see that well into the future, please let us all know who the next 3 WS champs are so we can make bank on those bets.

Now to the other significant trades:

2016 – Rich Hill and Josh Reddick – Hill started 6 games after the trade.  34.1 IP, 1.83 ERA.  He shutout the Cubs in the 2016 NLCS Game 3 for 6.0 innings.  Reddick did not do much during the season (they did not need him), but was one of the top three hitters for LAD in the playoffs.  JT, Andrew Toles, and Josh Reddick were the top 3 bats for the Dodgers in the 2016 playoffs.

The cost was high.  Three top 10 pitching prospects.  Grant Holmes (#4), Frankie Montas (#5), and Jharel Cotton (#9).  Holmes has not yet pitched at the MLB level.  He is now a RHRP with Atlanta in AAA after being released by Oakland.  Cotton pitched 232 MLB innings to a 5.16 ERA.  He last pitched for SF before being outrighted, which Cotton refused and became a free agent.


2017 – Yu Darvish – 9 starts with the Dodgers, 49.2 IP, 3.44 ERA.  Two very good starts in the NLDS and NLCS.  Unfortunately, Darvish was the first recipient to the Astros cheating in the WS (Game 3).  He was snake bit, and should never have started Game 7.  That should have been a Kershaw/Wood combo.  Like most LAD prospects, Willie Calhoun (#4), Brendon Davis (#27), and AJ Alexy (#30), have all played at the MLB level, but none have distinguished themselves as regulars.  Calhoun is with NYY roster on a AA rehab assignment.  Davis is with Detroit AAA.  Alexy is in Independent League.

2017 – Tony Watson – Was an integral part of the LAD bullpen with KJ, Brandon Morrow, Pedro Baez, Josh Fields, and Tony Cingrani.  He was not the lockdown reliever he was with Pittsburgh, but he was productive.  24 games, 20.0 IP, 2.7 ERA.  12 inherited runners and 3 scored.  He was also effective in the playoffs.  He was in 11 games, 7.0 IP, 2.57 ERA, 3 inherited runners, 0 scored.

The cost was Oneil Cruz.  He might become a big time player, but he isn’t yet.  He will probably not stick at SS as he is considered a well below average defender, but has a ++ arm.   Ke’Bryan Hayes is at 3B.  Cruz into RF?  Does he have the SLG to be a corner OF.  Just because a prospect is top 100 prospect, does not mean they will become a regular much less a star.  Maybe Cruz will.  Maybe not.

Darvish, Watson, and Cingrani were great deadline additions, and should have been WS champions if it were not for the Cheaters.

2018 – Manny Machado – While he was not what he was at Baltimore or what he is now with San Diego, the Dodgers were at best a Wild Card team without him.  Then who knows.  The return for Machado was listed above.  Which one of them outside of Dean Kremer have established themselves.

2021 – While Max Scherzer and Trea Turner did not bring a WS championship, I doubt they get to NLCS without them.  That was SF year and Max was huge in getting past them.  Yes, Keibert Ruiz and Josiah Gray will be part of the next resurrection of the Nationals, but they were both blocked in LAD, and the Dodgers got players that could get them across the finish line.  They just didn’t get it done.  But the trade was necessary.

2022 – Chris Martin for Zach McKinstry.  Martin was as much of a stopper in the pen as the Dodgers had.  Sure McKinstry was having a resurrection in Detroit, but his June brought him down to a more expectant level.

2022 – Nick Frasso and Moises Brito for Mitch White and Alex De Jesus has a chance to become a steal.

Outside of David Freese, it was the supplemental deals that did not pay off as hoped.  But the cost was so insignificant.

2023 – Hits – Jason Heyward, David Peralta, JD Martinez, Clayton Kershaw, Shelby Miller.  Misses – Noah Syndergaard.

AF will be the first to tell you that he has not always made the right trades or may have missed out on some.  Since nobody here knows what AF’s trade offers have been for specific players that did not go through, we cannot truly judge what he missed out on.

IMO the Dodgers have not been in first place as much as they have been since 2015 without him.  I judge winning as winning the NL pennant and getting to the World Series.  AF has seen the Dodgers reach the WS three times in 8 tries, winning 1 (should have been 2). If you judge winning as just getting to the playoffs, he has done that every year. What other team has done that over the last 8 championship seasons. I think he has proven himself.  I am happy he is the Dodgers PBO.  For those who disagree, who do you think is better?






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The Dodgers knew Houston wanted Álvarez. I’ve always wondered why they were more into Alvarez than the Dodgers.

if O’Neil is a question still it would seem he could be re-attained but I don’t think he’s available.

sometimes credit has to go to the other GM.


I asked the same question about Houston and Alvarez Bum. I figured the Dodgers got out scouted. Houston saw something the Dodgers didn’t. They are good at what they do too. But the Dodgers got what they wanted at the time. I think Friedman has done just fine.

Last night? We didn’t score 8. Top of the lineup 2 for 15, team 2 for 13 WRISP. It happens. Toronto is a good team too.

Grove was cruising until he hit a wall. Lost it at 60 pitches. Not going to get 5 on 60 pitches. Grove looks like a Mitch White maybe.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

Remember when they brought up Eric Gagne as a starter? He was mediocre, like Mitch White. But as a reliever he was amazing! Maybe Grove takes that nice cutter to the pen and has a nice career there?

Last edited 11 months ago by Dave

And learn the circle change


The dodgers signed Alvarez, obviously they liked him quite a bit. He was nothing but clay, though.

Grove is coming along, still think he may play better as a reliever, but what do i know?


You know what Dave and others, including me believe they know. Grove, for now anyway, looks like a potentially great relief asset.


The bottom of the order led off the 5th innings with contact that found open space for hits. Grove could have looked strong through 5 had that contact been where the balls could have been caught for outs. Baseball is funny that way. I thought Grove got a too early hook.

Sheehan had several weak swings that wound up as hits and had some hitters foul tip pitches instead of popping those pitches up and then wound up getting a walk. Who knows, if hitters got a larger piece of the ball and popped up, Sheehan might have had more confidence to attack the strike zone.


That’s a good point Fred. That ground ball past Taylor could have kept him out of trouble. I think Doc knew the team wasn’t likely to score 8 against that pitching and wanted to keep it close. Heavy bullpen use in a loss checks the wrong box.

Sheehan has the tools. He’s just up a year early.


Well said.


Well Fred, let’s look at what he did before the Dodgers signed him. He played in Cuba a total of 74 games over two years. He was 17 years old his last year. Over that time he hit exactly 1 homer. He struck out 34 times in a little over 200 at bats. He hit .196 his first year and .351 his second. But he showed no power. The Dodgers signed him in June of 2016. He did not play a single game in their system. On August 1, 2016, he was traded to the Astros. Judging from what their scouts had seen of the kid, nobody could have predicted he would grow into that good of a power hitter. It was four years after the Dodgers had signed him before he showed any real power. Even with that, he has no spot on the field except DH. He has played 129 games in the outfield, so he has some experience there now. But prior to that, he was a player who was primarily a DH and the Dodgers had no need of that at the time.


What Badger said.


Machado was more of a preemptive strike; He was picked up just after the All-Star game. And he was picked up because of need. Taylor had been playing SS because Seager was out for the season. My biggest beef about Machado was his dirty play in the NLCS against Milwaukee and the fact that he totally disappeared in the World Series. I think for the most part AF has gone and traded for players who filled out the roster. His blockbuster was Scherzer-Turner. It brought to LA two bona-fide stars. Will he do the same this season? Remains to be seen, but there are plenty of rumors out there. A new one concerning Arenado was floated on Google news today. Also the Ohtani rumors are dying down. Seems the Angels are more reluctant to trade their star right now. The Dodgers are on Lynn’s no-trade list.


I was never that crazy about Machado, for the reasons you mentioned. I really liked Scherzer and Turner. It was a shame Scherzer faded the way he did, but it’s my opinion he was used improperly.

You say nobody could have predicted Alvarez would develop into the power hitter he has. Houston did. They traded a very good Major League pitcher for him.

Times article speaking to how the Dodgers approach the trade deadline. Good read. One interesting point made is staying pat at the deadline would give opportunities to our best young players surrounding Ohtani over the next few years.

Singing the Blue

Look at the teams on Lynn’s no trade list. All teams you’d expect to make the playoffs. Leverage, pure and simple. Lets him bargain before accepting the deal.


I am willing to believe that people can evolve and adjust with time and age from being a star on a last place team to being a cog on a playoff team.


Talk is the Dodgers are interested in a reunion with Kike. Me, not so much. He is having a lousy season. His numbers are abysmal and he is not even hitting lefties like he used to. No thanks, his ship sailed.


Me either. We have Taylor for that job. Unless of course…..

Scott Andes

They’re not blocking Vargas or Busch. I don’t think Kike is going to come in and play every day, I think he’ll do what he did most of the time in his first stint with the club. He’ll play all over the diamond and probly get some reps at Short, 2B and CF, part time. He’ll come off the bench and pinch-hit and serve as a late inning replacement.

Honestly, I’m not sure why anyone wants to see Trayce Thompson back. The fact the Dodgers are dredging him up again is annoying. Thompson is never healthy and was a disaster this year. He had two good months last year. Sorry but the guy stinks, and doesnt have the postseason hitting experience that a Kike does.


If they play him at SS, he is the worst option. He has made 14 errors over there. No way he plays SS in LA,


He will play outfield against lefties. Platoon with Peralta or Heyward. Well, everyone wanted a RH hitting outfielder. LOL
Too bad he isn’t a catcher.

Last edited 11 months ago by OhioDodger

He was the emergency catcher when he was with LA before


Kike reunion? Why would the Dodgers do that? Bellinger, Kike, JT, Kenley? They aren’t coming back. The ship is beyond the horizon.


Also heard Arenado might be available and the Dodgers are interested. That would be fun, but him without also getting quality pitching would be a mistake. The Dodgers can do both if they choose to.

Read some thoughts on bunting to begin extra innings. Muncy was up. Probably hasn’t bunted since getting drafted. But it’s my opinion everybody should know how to bunt successfully and left handed hitters should know how to drag bunt. If you know how to do it the odds of success are better then the .200 you’re hitting now. . I know current analytics say no, but, my gut still says yes. And, I still contend if Bellinger had bunted against the shift he would have raised his average and OPS by 100 points. Nobody does it anymore and that to me is the best reason to do it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

There are easier ways of adding fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and various antioxidants and phytonutrients.


A disappointing result last night. I’m concerned that Roberts is on his way to over using the bullpen and causing them to regress to earlier in the season. I know Grove was getting hit in the fifth and maybe he hasn’t earned the right to work through the inning. But, it was another example of the Dodgers (Roberts and/or AF?) not letting their starters pitch deep into games. There’s a good chance that this approach is going to cause the BP into being an ineffective group. There’s always the explanations of “keeping them fresh for the playoffs” or “leave on a positive note”. This is my biggest gripe with how the Dodgers handle their starting pitchers. Pretty soon the team will have no starters, but a staff of openers. Now it’s 4-5 innings and 60-70 pitches. I would have liked to have Grove stay in and try to pitch himself out of the jam he created. He’ll never be able to do it unless given the opportunity to do so. Baseball is a game of failure. But, failure can eventually lead to successes. Let the starters pitch!!

I think AF has done an above average job at the trade deadline. Both Darvish and Machado both were great moves considering what he gave up to obtain them. But, both underperformed in the playoffs. That’s not AF’s fault. Let’s see what happens this week. I think the depth of Dodger prospects available for trades has never been deeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if AF has to overpay to get top talent. Most of the prospects in AA and AAA are never going to play for the Dodgers so why not use them to help the team this season. Help the team and give the prospects a better opportunity somewhere else.
Carry on


What about the idea presented by Harris in the Times? Mark time through the deadline and surround Ohtani with our best prospects, plus Betts, Freddie Smith, Lux, for the next 5 years or so? I’ll ask the more knowledgeable system experts this: can we add Giolito and Arenado this year, and Ohtani next year?

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

As someone who considers myself as an expert on the Dodger minor league system (as compared to 2 other guys I text with), yes, we can get Arrenado and Giolito now, AND sign Ohtani next year


I’ve never said trading Muncy would be easy but I have said somewhat jokingly after some have said he has no trade value that a clean up hitter on a 1st place team should be able to get a good return.

Also, I’ve never offered any players in exchange for a bag of balls and instead suggest good players in return so as not to belittle a Dodger.


Arenado or Muncy? I have to go with Arenado. Muncy to St Louis? That’s 2-3 WAR for about $13m.

I don’t see that happening but I’d do it if it meant less assets going with him. Arenado is paid $35, 32, and 27 million the next 3 years, to age 35, 5$ million of that each year is paid by Colorado. He’s likely to be a 4-5 WAR player in this lineup until that age. Pipe dream, I know. I’ll put the pipe down in a minute.


I want to see what a trade with the Yankees might be first. They need a third baseman and lefty hitters always are welcome in Yankee Stadium.

I want to add youth and I am willing to gamble now to add it. I prefer to reduce payroll so no to Arenado.

If I were the Angels I would be thinking about asking that Rendon be included in any trade for Ohtani. Ohtani and Rendon for Machado, Snell, and others.




“As a Jew I take offense!”

Hilarious. You didn’t need to add Joke. Had me laughing right away.


Great write up Jeff. I have stated before that I think AF is a good to very good President of Baseball Operations. I just do not think he is as great as Timmons and others do. His trade deadline acquisitions have not resulted in a WS title. The WS title is the ultimate goal. The Dodgers would have most likely won the division or made the playoffs without the moves AF made.


Also, Thanks for listening and not calling me a moron for having a differing opinion.

Scott Andes

ha ha ha you mean like Mark, or that nasty troll Patch?

Oh and hey we got Kike back! lolz


Can you go further on this statement?

>> Dodgers would have most likely won the division or made the playoffs without the moves AF made.

Scott Andes

Probably because Friedman had inherited a boatload of talent leftover from the Colletti/White era. Last I checked, when they won the World Series in 2020, 9 of the 25 players were from the Colletti/White administration.


I don’t think that’s the point. At least i hope there’s more to it than that.


My point is that the Dodgers were going to the playoffs with or without the trades AF made. So the trades must have been made with the idea of improving the team for a better chance to win the WS. It just didn’t work out.


Right. Kinda what I thought.

Appreciate the response.

But doesn’t that bring with it the fact that year in and year out Friedman (and company!) build teams that are very good from day one?

Good enough to make deep into the playoffs?

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto

AF has done a good job. I just don’t think he is some baseball savant like a lot of other fans. I am happy that we are a playoff team every year.



Scott Andes

Just to add to this. Those years the Dodgers went 80-82 and 82-79, and 86-76 were years that he was financially hamstrung by the McClure bankruptcy. He never had the financial resources throughout his tenure that Friedman has had. Not trying to knock Friedman here. Just saying if he had the payroll that Friedman has had om sure the Dodgers win more than 80-86 games during those years.


Under McCrook, Ned was playing solitaire with a deck of 51 cards.

Scott Andes

ha ha my auto correct went to McClure, lolz


Although I do not think Andrew is the baseball genius many have said he is, he is very smart and makes astute moves. He might not always trade for the biggest names and I know most Dodger fans were extremely disappointed this winter when he did not sign any of the major free agents. But most of his signings have paid off. Only Syndergaard has been a major disappointment. Thompson’s contract was very small, but the guy earned it based on what he did last year. I think they could have found a better back-up than Barnes, but he is a very popular guy in the clubhouse.

Claude Osteen

Why not some version of afore mentioned link for Arenado plus a little more for Jordan Montgomery as well? Little tough a couple of the pitchers we’re giving up and yes, where does Vargas play (whom i really like). Not so high on Muncy, too many strikeouts at key times while he looks for that homer or walk.


I read it. Yes, good read. We know he will do something, and it could be huge. Or not. In the meantime, we keep ourselves occupied with wild ass spectaculations. It’s fun, but none of us, especially me, will get it right. While Friedman is playing chess, I’m playing with my food.

Singing the Blue

As Andrew has said repeatedly, he never makes a deal for the present without analyzing what that might do for the future. Not to say, he wouldn’t do a deal like that but at least it would be with the understanding of how it affects future seasons.

I wonder if there’s a chance that some team would ask him to include Lux in a deal and he would decide to do it.

Including Lux in a deal might bring back an interesting return.


Can Kike catch?

Scott Andes



There goes my quarter baked theory that the team still wanted to cut payroll.

FYI: The Sox are expected to receive two upper levels minor league relievers

Last edited 11 months ago by Bluto

“Unless as I said this is a precursor for an upcoming trade.”

That’s my guess. We don’t need 3 utility guys on the team.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger


This just in:
Red Sox will also send the Dodgers $2.5 million in cash in the deal, source confirms.


That will help with the payroll tax.


Next acquisitions: Pederson, Seager, Bellinger, Jansen….

Last edited 11 months ago by Bumsrap
Fred Vogel

I’ve learned to hold off judgement until AF declares ‘Checkmate’. He’s usually 2-4 moves ahead of the rest of us.



Scott Andes

Oh lord, this type of talk again. Let me guess….

“friedman, he’s smarter than you!”
“He’s playing chess while you’re playing checkers!”

Are you sitting in your room looking at spreadsheets and getting excited?

Last edited 11 months ago by Scott Andes
Scott Andes

You’re right, I am full of snark. But it’s this line of thinking about Friedman that leads to the bullying we see from Mark, Patch and other trolls. It’s this putting Friedman on a pedestal and claiming he’s smarter than everyone and then calling other people morons.

But I will try and tone down my snark.

My apologies.

Scott Andes

He’s a right handed bat, who can play the outfield among many positions. Many people have been saying they needed a right handed hitting outfielder. Also he’s been a fantastic postseason hitter. Happy to see him return, Now maybe we can bring back Bellinger and JT?


mind if Corey Seager joins too?

Scott Andes



Seager is on the IL. And he would cost a lot.


He is hitting .222. He has 14 errors at SS, and another at second base. If he plays anywhere other than the outfield it will be a mistake. He hasn’t made an error out there. Also his OPS against lefties, supposedly why they traded for him, is an abysmal .652. He is much worse against RHP. But, 5 of his six homers have been off of righty’s. So there goes the he hits lefty’s theory. He is nothing more than a sub. Here is an even worse stat. Against left handed starting pitchers he is hitting .188 with a .465 OPS. Sorry, other than his personality and energy coming into the clubhouse, offensively he doesn’t add anything. One thing I know for sure, he won’t be wearing # 14. It is now retired.


LHP Javen Coleman is returning to LSU.

He was taken in Rd. 16 (490) by the Dodgers but the sides were far apart in the negotiations.


Do not get me wrong, I always liked Kike. I think he was a fun guy for the players to be around. He had some moments that were memorable, and a few we would all like to forget. I just do not think he is all that good of a player anymore. He sure has not shown the ability to crush left-handed pitching this year. A .260 average is ok, but his OPS is below .600. He has hit exactly one homer off of a lefty and as I noted in an earlier post, he is hitting below .200 against left-handed starting pitchers. Sideways move. Low risk move, and that is about it. He is not going to improve their numbers against lefties.


Taylor is better. Which suggests maybe Taylor is going to St Louis or Chicago. Something must be coming cuz on the surface this move is an odd one.

Last edited 11 months ago by Badger

How does acquiring Kike affect Vargas?


He stays at AAA the rest of the year.


Wow!! What a hell of a comeback…

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