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Teams Willing To Make Trades?

Chris Antonetti flatly rejected the idea that Shane Bieber will be a trade candidate this winter.

We have every intention of trying to contend next year, and trying to win a World Series.  And, Shane Bieber will be a big part of that for us,” Antonetti said.

Naturally, some gamesmanship could be at play here, and the Guards (at least as a matter of due diligence) would consider any serious offer another team might float for Bieber.  Given Cleveland’s history of trading star players as their arbitration costs rise, the Bieber trade speculation won’t really end until he actually does change teams, or unless he signs an extension.

Remember this is the team that traded Mike Clevinger, Trevor Bauer, Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco, and Francisco Lindor.  So they are not above trading Shane Bieber or Amed Rosario.  But they are not giving them away.  A trade with Cleveland is going to hurt the trading team.

Antonetti realizes that he cannot get nearly enough for Aaron Civale or Zach Plesac.  He will continue to throw those names out there, and then maybe settle on Cal Quantrill. He will move Bieber before Triston McKenzie.  He will continue to keep an open ear on Bieber and Rosario, but he also knows he does not have to trade either.  I fully expect Cleveland to be in contention this year, but just in case, if not, I would expect Rosario to get moved at the deadline.

Indians manager Terry Francona emphatically stated that shortstop Francisco Lindor is “not on the trading block”, and we know how that turned out.

Kind of like “We are not trading Juan Soto”.  In June 2022, Nationals GM, Mike Rizzo, told us all that the Washington Nationals have no intention of trading star Juan Soto.

In an interview with WJFK-FM in Washington D.C., Rizzo said he “made it clear to his agent and to the player” that they are not trading Soto.

“We have every intention of building this team around Juan Soto,” Rizzo said.

And then A. J. Preller and the San Diego Padres gave away a boatload of talent to get Soto for 2 ½ years.

Or Kind of like AF/BG saying they “feel good” about Gavin Lux taking over as every-day SS if it plays out that way.  But many of us remember in 2021 when Gavin took over at SS for 59 games for Corey Seager, Lux made seven errors and posted a -4 Outs Above Average. He also didn’t hit well, posting a .692 OPS. So if the argument boils down to “if he hits better and fields better, he’ll be fine,” chances are they’re not actually going to go that route.

Beyond the quartet of free agents, Friedman and Gomes indicated the team does “feel good” about Gavin Lux as an internal option to replace Turner at shortstop. Lux was a shortstop throughout his amateur career and for the first few years in the minors before the Dodgers moved him to second base with Seager at the major-league level. … 

Additionally, the Dodgers could use Chris Taylor at shortstop and prospect Jacob Amaya “can certainly handle it defensively and his offense is developing.” 

“There are a lot of options externally and we have good options internally,” Friedman said. “So we get to wade through that market and figure out what ultimately makes the most sense.”

I have zero idea if Antonetti will trade Bieber or Rosario or Gimenez or anyone.

I have no idea if Brewers GM, Matt Arnold, is going to trade Willy Adames, or Corbin Burnes, or Brandon Woodruff.

I have no idea if Ben Cherington would consider trading Bryan Reynolds.  But why did he not wrap him up like Ke’Bryan Hayes?  Hmmm??

I have no idea if Tampa Bay GM, Peter Bendix, is willing to consider trading Tyler Glasnow.

I have no idea if Rick Hahn is willing to consider trading Lucas Giolito.  He has already indicated that the ChiSox are going to look at trades much more than FA.

What I do know is that teams like the Guardians, Brewers, Rays, and White Sox, that stay  in contention year after year do make these types of trades, if (BIG IF) they get quality MLB ready players in return.  Not every team is like the Nationals that do a tear down.  Or the Pirates that seem to miss on most of their trades (pre Cherington).  Or the Angels that do not seem to have a plan at all.  Or could LAA GM, Peter Minasian, be playing a similar game with Shohei Ohtani?

Per Badger’s comments, I will start a research type project to compile a list of hungry players who are looking for their first ring, and whether they could be a fit with the Dodgers.





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I don’t care for Taylor at SS anymore unless it is an emergency. I cannot remember him playing SS at all last year. When Turner was not there, Alberto or Lux played the position. I just checked; Chris appeared at SS once last season and he played one inning at the position. In 21, he started 19 games there, but made 2 errors. None of us knows what trades are being considered or discussed. Apparently from what I have read, there was a lot of discussion at the GM meetings which usually means that the groundwork for some trades has been laid. I do not think Bauer’s suspension is going to be lifted, I think Manfred is trying to make an example out of him for whatever reason.

Singing the Blue

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Bauer decision is now totally in the hands of an arbitrator and Manfred has absolutely no say in the matter.

The fact that this has taken so long to play out is absolutely ridiculous.


Bowden at The Athletic gives his predictions, Anderson signs with us, nobody else does. Seems highly unlikely to me, but what do I know. He says Turner to the Angels and Reynolds to Miami.

Seems like Bauer has a case, but again, what do I know.

I think I know this: the Rams are in trouble. Injuries and F them picks is biting them on their Ram ass. It also appears the Lakers and the Pac12 are circling the drain. Strange time to be a SoCal sports fan.

On many levels I used to be able to rely on my intuition. Not so much anymore. The world is getting more ridiculouser every minute I’m in it. But, I’m fine with becoming an observer.


If Bowden said it yoi can just move on. He’s rately right, who could be? Noone knows how things will play out.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave

Yeah, they’re all at the table bluffing. That’s the thing about off season. Nobody knows anything until it’s done. There are some teams we know won’t be competitive, they might trade, and there are teams that are competitive that, logically anyway, wouldn’t trade their best players for prospects. And our own bosses saying it’s time for the next wave of youth? Nonsense. I guess these people are like politicians, if their lips are moving…

Lousy Lakers, Reeling Rams, pathetic Pac12, Disappointing Dodgers. Good thing I don’t care anymore.

Singing the Blue

Two things:

1) Excellent point about MLB front office people acting like politicians. It’s all just for public consumption and we have no idea what goes on in the back rooms.

2) Lakers, Rams, etc. – of course you care or you wouldn’t mention it. On the other hand, do we have any right to complain? Lakers, Dodgers and Rams have all won championships in the last 3 seasons.


Lakers and Dodgers won bubble championships, both of which are so yesterday. What have they done lately?

Saying things often enough makes them true. I know you know this.

Singing the Blue

So, I must admit I absolutely fell in love with Corbin Carroll during our late season games with the D’backs.

He could be our potential speed replacement for stolen bases if we lose Trea (he’s actually faster than Turner on the bases), he could be our centerfield replacement for Belli if we let him go, or could also easily play left field. His minor league stats were terrific and his first MLB season was just great considering he was SEVEN years younger than the average MLB player. Next year will be his age 22 season.

It would take a lot to get the D’backs to trade him but they have three other very good outfielders (although Carroll is the best of the four).

I would be willing to trade them Cartaya, Busch and Noda for Carroll and if that didn’t work, I’d consider swapping out Busch for Miller. I’m probably higher on Carroll than most of you so I might not get anyone to agree to this trade and I also might very well not get the D’backs to agree to it.

For those who care (and that’s probably no one), the trade works on the Trade Simulator, either with Busch or Miller.


Sam Oyed

Busch, Miller; what about Budweiser?

Singing the Blue

Don’t want to give them too much. We’d have to make it Bud Light.

Sam Oyed


Singing the Blue

Extremely rare is not never – I think today’s younger generation of GM’s will trade with each other if the deal works for both sides. As a number of them have said, the idea is to make your team better and if doing that makes the other team better as well, so be it.

Cartaya is a righty hitter but unfortunately isn’t ready for the Big Show quite yet and probably can’t play outfield, although I’m not sure that’s as important as just balancing the overall lineup.

I’d be fascinated to hear what their response would be if AF presented them with this deal. I agree that I don’t think they would do it, but not because we’re both in the same division. What if they said they wanted Cartaya, Busch AND Miller. Would you do that? I’m not sure I would, but I’d probably cave and do it (from the Dodgers side). Still not sure the D’backs would, but they’d have to think long and hard before rejecting it.

Singing the Blue

Judging from those dates, there appear to be two things that are overdue here in SoCal, a Dodger-D’back trade and an earthquake. I’m hoping the trade happens first.

Singing the Blue

Tomorrow is decision day with regard to adding guys to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 draft.

Here’s a link to an article by Tieran Alexander at Prospects Live in which he states that he thinks Carlos Duran may have the best breaking ball in MiLB. With an endorsement like that it would make a lot of sense to protect him. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

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