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Thank You To All LA Dodger Chronicles Readers

As the 2022 season has now come to an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read LA Dodger Chronicles, and especially those who have commented.

It was April 4 when LA Dodger Chronicles published our first article.  Since then, we have not missed a day of publishing an article or two (MiLB Summaries).  To quote the great Adrian Monk, it is a blessing and a curse.  I am retired and writing is a way of me coping.  I know I am not the best writer, but I enjoy it, and most do not complain about my style.  But I do not always enjoy not knowing what to write, and staying up until midnight just to meet a “deadline”.

I chose to leave LADT somewhat because of the political discussions, but more so because I wanted something of my own. When I left someone asked (I think Bluto) why I would go out on my own and incur the cost.  Simply put, I wanted my own.  Yes I am a control freak.  Mark treated me very well, and I still consider him a friend.  Whether that feeling is reciprocal…?  As far as I know, I left in good terms with Mark and most of the readers.

Harold Uhlman and Rob Schelling graciously followed me to this site.  Unfortunately, Harold has passed on.  But he was a staple in our MiLB publications and discussions.  We spent a great deal of our Sundays on email discussing the MiLB games.

Rob wrote some outstanding exposes on the Reserve Clause, wrote about the 2022 Rule 4 Draft, an excellent article on Nobe Kawano, an historical look at the Home Run Derby – 1960, and added his own Random Thoughts articles.   Both are knowledgeable baseball/Dodger fans, and are excellent writers.  I was blessed to have both.

I had a horrible time with the site for the last couple of weeks.  I am still not confident that the company maintaining my site has all of the bugs resolved, but I will now have time to research for alternatives if the problems persist.  But with my fingers crossed, they tell me we are okay to continue uninterrupted.

I am not looking to compete with the traffic at LADT.  They are a monster site that has been around in some form for 20+ years.  I am fine with establishing my own little niche with all of you who have chosen to sit by the fire and sing Kumbaya.  For those that did not see Mark’s article on where that came from, see

I know some believed I took offense, but I did not. I actually chuckled at it and Harold had fun with it as well.   I think I have the type of relationship with Mark that I would have contacted him personally if it was at all bothersome.  Mark has his style and I have mine. I am not saying his way is right or mine.  There is a place for both styles.  But to be clear, I do not shy away from conflict as long as it is/was baseball related.

One of our readers, also a friend, sent me an email and said:   “Lots of spirited banter today. Good amount of posts these past few days. I think the site has ‘arrived’.   Congratulations.”

But with the Congratulations comes a GREAT BIG THANK YOU,  to him and everyone who follows LADC, commenters and non-commenters alike.  After 6 ½ months,  LADC has 28 email subscriptions, 2.2K followers on Facebook, 1554 followers on Twitter, and 2829 followers on Instagram.  I have no idea if any of that is good or not, but it sure is a lot more than what I had on April 3.  We have grown, and even in the post playoff doldrums, I expect we can continue to grow as I expect to have a lively Hot Stove League discussion, leading up to Spring Training and the 2023 season.  Another season I will be rooting non-stop for the Dodgers, even if I disagree with roster construction or game strategy.

While I doubt that I can continue to publish every day, I will try for most days. I will learn from Dave Roberts not to take my foot off the gas. I have a lot of thoughts that can be a kernel germinating into an article.  I know Rob has articles he is working on.  We still plan on being informed and informative.

One additional point. To our regular commenters and non-commenters alike. I am looking for another writer (or two or three).  I follow the same rules as Mark gave to me.  You can write whatever you want (about baseball).  I will not edit it for any reason.  You can write for however many times or as few times as you like.  If anyone has any interest, or knows of anyone who might have any interest, please contact me at  If anyone has any suggestions on future posts, please pass them on via the same email address.

Thank you again for your support.

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Michael Norris

Love to read your stuff Jeff. Losing Harold was a blow to all of us, even those of us who have spent so much time on LADT. I enjoy all of the banter, and I can keep up with Badger and some of the others who have left LADT for whatever reason. My main gripe has always been that some there relish the personal attacks which I myself try to avoid. But I enjoy writing and it has kept my mind active as I advance in age. Luckily for me, my memory is pretty good and the internet helps me fill in the gaps in memory. I am happy for the success of the site. As for Mark, he and I were at odds for a long time when we both posted on Scott’s ladodgerreport site. And it got pretty heated. But he invited me to LADT and I have never regretted posting and now writing for the site. After I finally met the guy in person, I understood we have a lot in common, I met a couple other posters earlier this year when I first came out to LA to help my brother with his recovery from a double knee surgery. The Dodgers and baseball are our common link. We all have differing opinions of Roberts, the team in general and many of the players. But we all love the game. That is the one central point we can agree on. Continued success my friend.

Fred Vogel

Jeff, yours is the first site I look at in the morning, before looking at ESPN, local and national news, weather, Wine Berserkers, The Atlantic, Vanguard (to see how much money I lost the previous day), and a few others. I always enjoy your perspectives on baseball and appreciate your writing style.
I left Mark’s site because of the politics and vitriol (pen name Rudy Byrd). Thank you for offering us baseball fans an excellent alternative.
Keep up the great work.


Congratulations Jeff on creating a successful site. I’ll hang out here for as long as it is free of vitriol and political stupidity. Baseball stupidity is welcome and enjoyable though. I do my part with the latter.

Cleveland versus Philadelphia would be just great for TV ratings wouldn’t they.

My wife is happy the Dodgers and Pederson are no longer on the TV. Happy wife, happy life.

In the past I liked it when the Angels won a WS and when the Giants won 3 because I had hoped it embarrassed the Dodger owners. For that same reason, I hope the Padres win the WS. I will root for the National League and the west coast anyway. I have never disliked the Padres or Giants. I appreciated the Giants moving west with the Dodgers. The Dodgers needed for them to join them here.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff Dominique
Michael Norris

I think ya meant Jeff there Fred. Mark is LADT.



If you have edit credentials, pease make that change for me.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap
Singing the Blue

If past results are any indication, you’ll be getting your wish about the Pads winning the WS, Fred.

Seems like every year, the team that eliminates us goes on to win.

Singing the Blue

Let me add my congrats and thanks to the others who have commented today, Jeff. You’ve built a great site here and I’m sure it will continue to flourish as more Dodger fans find it.

Although I still visit LADT and TBPC daily, I consider this my baseball oasis. The combination of subject matter and civility is exactly what I’m looking for to take my mind off the world in general.

I look forward to our discussions over the next couple of months as to who you and I can recommend to Andrew so that he can strengthen his roster for next year’s run.


I’ve said it a few times before, I’m grateful you’re here Jeff.

I will visit DT on occasion, but I do not wish to post there. Got tired of the ambushes. We had one here yesterday. There are still posters there who’s p.o.v. I respect. I would welcome their takes here.

I think it’s possible the Pads goal was to beat us and there may be a letdown. It’s possible, but if I had to put money on it, I’d take the Padres. My crystal ball has SD and Houston, with the Asstros prevailing.

Singing the Blue

For those who are still holding on to their anger from 2017, do we know how many people who were on that team or that front office are still there?

Seems like Beltran and Correa were the ring leaders and they’re both gone. Luhnow certainly didn’t do anything to stop it and he’s gone.

I’ve always been a big Altuve fan so I’m giving him more of a pass than he might deserve. Long story short, they’ve put together an excellent team, mostly populated by people who had nothing to do with 2017.

I’ve moved on.


I would like a contrite Correa as a Dodger.

SF interested in Judge and Trea.

JT, A player coach?

Singing the Blue

A player coach takes up the same space on a roster as a player and JT is somewhat of a coach already.

I expect him back although possibly not at the option price built into his option. They can always negotiate a lower salary.


I’ll admit to having an anti-Texas bias. I don’t care for much of anything Texan. It might have started when I was very young. My mother was born there and she hated the place. Houston is in Texas so, no love for anything Houston. That said, can’t say I like the Yankees any better.

Fred Vogel

Same. My mom was born in Ft Worth and didn’t like it. I’ve never been nor do I care to. My wife is from NY so I guess I’ll root for the Yankees. Lesser of two evils.


Jeff, you are not the only one that didn’t take offense. I made the opening paragraph of the Post you linked to. I assume I got under Mark’s skin. We have done that to each other in the past as well. And it happened on a baseball blog.

Singing the Blue

Now, why should we listen to you Jeff? You were only 1-3.
I was 2-2 (had the Astros and Phillies).
So listen to me.

I’ve got the Dodger over the Braves in……………………oh, never mind.


The lowest seeds in the NL. The highest seeds in the AL. Must mean something. What, I haven’t a clue.

I got a question I’ve been meaning to ask but keep forgetting. When I come to the site I check for new posts then click on them. Then a search for that post must begin. I’m assuming that happens to everyone. It would be more convenient for me, and that’s important you know, if when we clicked on the new post it would take us right to that post.


Thanks Jeff. I enjoy this site and read it every day. I think your writing style is great. Very informed and level headed about what you bring to the table. Looking forward to the Hot Stove discussions.

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