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Trevor Bauer Designated For Assignment and Remaining Free Agents

Unless you have been living under a rock, you now realize that Trevor Bauer was designated for assignment by the Dodgers on Friday.  The Dodgers now have 7 days to trade Bauer or place him on waivers.  They could not find a trade partner over the last two weeks, so I find the chances of finding one during the next 7 days extremely remote. Regardless, AF/BG will pull out all of the stops to try and make something happen.  If not, Bauer will get picked up by some team.


The Dodgers made the following statement.


Official statement on Trevor Bauer
byu/Officialnoah inDodgers


Bauer made a statement of his own:


While we were unable to communicate throughout the administrative leave and arbitration process, my representatives spoke to Dodgers leadership immediately following the arbitration decision. Following two weeks of conversations around my return to the organization, I sat down with Dodgers leadership in Arizona yesterday who told me they wanted me to return and pitch for the team this year. While I am disappointed by the organization’s decision today, I appreciate the wealth of support I’ve received from the Dodgers clubhouse. I wish the players all the best and look forward to competing elsewhere.


The Dodgers are apparently disputing Bauer’s statement.

ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez reported:

“In a statement, Bauer claimed that the Dodgers at that point expressed a desire for him to pitch for them in 2023 — a claim refuted by a team source familiar with the meeting. [emphasis added]”


USA Today’s Bob Nightengale also reported what he had heard from LAD officials who spoke off the record.

Dodger officials declined to go into details of their conversation (with Bauer), but privately revealed that they didn’t hear any remorse, apologies or anything in the slightest from Bauer to change their mind. They reconvened in Los Angeles, and decided Friday morning that Bauer would never again put on a Dodger uniform.

It is also interesting reading the number of upset fans about Bauer being DFA’d that believe that Bauer was vindicated by the arbitrator, and was found innocent.  No.  Bauer was found to have violated the League’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual, and Child Abuse Policy by both the Commissioner and the Neutral Arbitrator. The League’s Policy is independent of criminal activity.  After all of the review, Bauer was levied the longest suspension ever given to a MLB player.  What was the evidence?  We will never learn of it.



Remaining Free Agents:


Most believe that there are 3 remaining top free agents to choose from:  Jurickson Profar, Andrew Chafin, and Michael Wacha.  But there is actually a 4th…Carlos Correa. It is being reported that NYM is growing very frustrated with the negotiations.  The stall in the negotiations has seemingly put Minnesota back into the picture.  While hey may be a little more forgiving with the medicals, they are still going to do their due diligence, something they did not do for a three year deal with 2 opt outs.

Apparently the leg injury he suffered as a 19 year old MiLB player is a BIG concern for doctors and teams looking to guarantee 12-13 years at salary commitments north of $300MM.  However, there was a particular incident that occurred last September that is now being reported, and could scare teams and doctors.

“…it’s particularly noteworthy given that Correa had a late-September injury scare with the leg in question, wherein he remained down on the field for several moments after being thrown out on a slide into second base. Correa limped off the field, and although he remained in the game, he acknowledged after the contest that he had briefly felt numbness and vibration in that surgically repaired leg.”

That should give teams some concern with such a large commitment in $$$ and years.  What makes it even more perplexing for teams, is that it is also being speculated that insurance companies will not insure the contract, making the team 100% invested in the health of the leg.  I doubt that teams have any concern over the next 3-4 years.  It is the 8-9-10 years after that worries them.

And now, Trevor Bauer makes 5 top free agents still available.

Now besides the three (or four or five) free agents identified above, the next level of free agents also have players who have been helpful for teams in recent years, and could provide help for that one last year.


  • Elvis Andrus
  • Brandon Belt
  • Johnny Cueto
  • Adam Duvall
  • Shintaro Fujinami
  • Michael Fulmer
  • Zack Greinke
  • José Iglesias
  • Trey Mancini
  • Andrew McCutchen
  • Matt Moore
  • Mike Moustakas
  • David Peralta
  • AJ Pollock
  • Gary Sanchez
  • Donovan Solano


Of course there are others that I have not considered (intentionally or just forgot).  I also assume that Tommy La Stella will join this list.

If the CBT threshold was not a consideration, would there be any of the aforementioned FA (or others not mentioned) that you would consider as a potential member of the Los Angeles Dodgers?  For me, I would consider LHRP Matt Moore, RHRP Michael Fulmer, and utility infielder Donovan Solano.  I like AJ Pollock, but I am not taking ABs away from James Outman. Outman needs a clear and unobstructed path to determine if he is or is not a MLB regular OF.



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The one guy I would probably like to see in Dodger blue is not on that list, Andrew McCutcheon. Mac is a excellent clubhouse guy and he still has some gas in his tank. Wacha makes the most sense for the pitching staff in my mind. The only other name on that list that really interests me is Duvall. He has awesome power and would really make the bench that much deeper. One thing is for sure, the circus has left town.


McCutcheon would be my choice also. He mashes lefties. A great mentor to our youngsters as well.


I’m glad you prefaced this by saying if they would go over the threshold, because it looks like they are trying to stay under it. A trade seems more likely because the 40 man is full and they could manage the payroll, maybe even lower it depending on who they traded away. There’s still lots of time for that to happen.


The Dodgers believe he is guilty.

I read somewhere yesterday that there is no way the Dodgers stay under the cap this year without trading someone. Is that true?

Sam Oyed

As I recall there’s something like 2 million to play with. Would be surprising if they can manage staying below the CBT without reducing payroll somehow. It’s why I always thought there would be a trade of Bauer.


Lots of arbitration cases that will boost salary.

its going to be tough Badger, to me the question is if they don’t reset this year will they reset next year?


Interesting info on Correa’s injury and that September issue/comment. Even more interesting is that insurance won’t cover the contract, so I’m sure even Steve Cohen won’t to 11 years/300 mil now!

Oh well, sucks to be you, Captain Cheater.


Wacha has intrigued me since he pitched so well in his rookie year against the Dodgers in a playoff series with St Louis.

I guess I wasn’t surprised with some of the vehement indignation that spewed from some about the Dodgers’ decision on Bauer. Also not surprised how some tried to diminish those that disagreed with their desire for the Dodgers to keep Bauer.

I would like for the Dodgers to sign Correa to a 3 to 5 year contract but since the Giants were in line first, I hope they wind up signing him to a contract that can be fully insurred.


I’m not surprised by much, but I am disappointed by plenty.

The Dodgers aren’t signing anyone large, especially a guy that would soil the name on the front of their shirts. Correa is a known cheater, and even though kinky sex is not allowed by MLB, cheating clearly is and a known cheater cannot be allowed to wear the same jersey that Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax did and no way a scoundrel like him can play for the organization that brought in Billie Jean King as an owner and had Vin Scully announcing games. (read something like that this morning, might have been Plaschke or Rosenthal)

Bluto is right about the arbitration raises. Some money will also likely be spent on replacement players when the yearly injuries happen. And count on it, they WILL happen. If the goal is to reset, somebody has to go. CT3 and Muncy are likely candidates.

It just feels to me this won’t be the Dodgers year. Not if suddenly it’s about saving money.

Sam Oyed

Probably right about CT3 and Muncy. But what you end up with is a catch 22; in order to trade either of them they have to perform, but if they are performing, it will be hard to justify trading them.


Muncy might help a team with a need for a first baseman more than he helps the Dodgers as a second baseman, especially if Busch can handle second and the latter would allow the Dodgers to exchange Muncy for a lower salary player.

Singing the Blue

Do you think Westburg could step in and play short or second for us to begin this season? If so, an interesting idea but Trade Simulator says your suggestion is a dramatic overpay. They value Busch by himself at almost twice what they value Westburg.

This is exactly the type of trade I expect AF to pull off in the next couple of weeks. Exchanging an established player and salary for a young up-and-comer at league minimum who can immediately be inserted into the lineup.

That might take an overpay like what you’ve suggested.

Last edited 1 year ago by Singing the Blue
Singing the Blue

Not sure about Cohen, but the Yankees have already shown they might be willing (Chapman).

I admit to generalizing here but people seem to think differently about social issues in Texas than they do on the coasts, so maybe the Rangers or Astros (who traded for Roberto Osuna while he was on suspension for violating the abuse clause).

The Braves took Ozuna back.

Unless Manfred has put out the word that nobody should sign him, Bauer will find an MLB home.

Maybe no one will offer the Dodgers 11 mil for Bauer and a prospect, but AF might be happy to take 5-8 million, depending on the prospect. If not, Bauer and his agent will have their choice of a few teams when he’s released, of that I’m fairly certain.

Singing the Blue

What is Westburg’s defense like? As I recall, he’s played 2nd, 3rd and short in his minor league career so he might be a very good replacement for CT3.

I agree that Baltimore probably wouldn’t take on all of Taylor’s salary, but they might be happy to take on half of it. That would alter the package going back though.

Singing the Blue

Not only that, if we had traded for Soto, we could have dealt Hudson and saved 3 million in the process. On the other hand Soto does have wildness problems so maybe not the best choice for a closer.

Singing the Blue

If the front office is absolutely committed to re-setting the CBT this year, maybe they need to find a willing trade partner for Bauer (it only takes one), and have them absorb something like 1/2 or 1/3 of his salary while including one of our young pitching prospects to sweeten the deal (Bruns, Sheehan, Frasso, Nastrini, Grove, etc.).

In other words, the team that trades for Bauer would, in effect, be paying for the prospect they receive. I have no idea what guys such as those I mentioned above would be valued at.


Where are all the people who were wrong? I guess they’ve disappeared. Poof.


Who are you referring to?


Would be ideal if they could trade Taylor and/or Muncy and then sign Jose Iglesias and Andrew McCutchen. Not likely to get any takers for Taylor.


I am at a loss ro know what to think at this point. Feels like it’s time to promote from within. Not sure how the veterans are going to feel about it, but the big moves have been made by those teams that were in position to make them. Clearly the Dodgers weren’t in on any of those so the logical conclusion is the organization has decided to put some distance between the club and Bauer, reset the CBT, roll the dice with rookies and retreads and regroup in ‘24. The team as currently constructed can possibly compete and if everyone stays healthy all year might be competitive in the playoffs.

I have no further opinion on what Bauer did or didn’t do. Maybe eventually he will be indicted. I doubt it, but I don’t KNOW anything for sure. Maybe he will pitch for contender, I think he probably will but I don’t KNOW that either.

Like I said, I’m disappointed the team didn’t stand behind their player and tell that unctuous Manfred to pound sand. We’re forced to pay him and he hasn’t been charged. But I am not so naïve as to believe innocent until proven guilty. That is bullshit. I know for a fact the exact opposite is true.

What’s next? I haven’t a clue. This world gets more ridiculouser every year I’m in it.

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