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Trevor Bauer Reinstated

Unless you have been hibernating in a cave, you now know that Trevor Bauer’s 324 game suspension has been reduced by 130 games to 194.  The league office said in a prepared statement:

“Today, the neutral arbitrator selected by MLB and the MLBPA affirmed that Trevor Bauer violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.”

Thus, while Bauer insisted that he was not guilty of any sexual abuse, and that the entire suspension should be lifted, the arbitration panel upheld the Commissioner’s decision to suspend Bauer, just not for the length of time he was suspended for.  What did the panel learn?

Bauer served 144 games of that suspension during the 2022 season, beginning April 29, the date Commissioner Rob Manfred initially suspended him.

Bauer will be reinstated immediately, and the Dodgers will now have 14 days to decide whether to place him back onto the roster or simply release him. The Dodgers are not expected to release him. It is also possible that Trevor Bauer will bet on himself and opt out and receive a $15MM buyout.  Also not so likely, but still possible.

The decision was largely made by the neutral arbitrator, Martin Scheinman, who was approved by both the Players Association and the league. The other two members of the three-member panel were an MLB selected appointee and one selected by the MLBPA.

While Bauer is immediately reinstated and able to pitch immediately, he will not be paid for the first 50 games, through May 23, 2023.  He will earn his pay equitably over 112 games.

Additionally, the arbitrator will dock his salary for the first 50 games or 30.8642% of his salary.  In actual dollars, his salary will be reduced by $9,876,544 to $22,123,456.  That is based on his actual salary of $32MM.  For AAV purposes, Dodgers payroll will be reduced by $10,493,828, for a Bauer hit of $21,506,172.  Those are my calculations based upon the information I have to work with.  Based upon Cot’s calculations, the LAD AAV payroll is $199,166,667 before JDM and Bauer.  JDM and Bauer will add $31,506,172.  Lo and behold, the Dodgers 2023 AAV is $230,672,839, or miraculously a little more than $2K south of the CBT threshold. Imagine that. Somehow, someway, LAD execs had to know what the ruling was going to be.

I would not expect any more additions to the roster unless there is a roster reduction for the same $$$$.

While I am sure that the Dodgers have already been working on whatever they plan to do with Bauer, it is possible that we will not learn what those plans are before January 6.  There will then be approximately 5 weeks between the deadline for the LAD decision and ST.  Will Bauer be at Camelback (in a Dodgers uniform) when pitchers and catchers report on February 14?  I find it hard to believe that the Dodgers would trade Bauer to a contending team, and there is virtually no reason for a non-contending team to acquire Bauer.  So I fully expect Bauer to report to Camelback (as a Dodger) when pitchers and catchers report.

In a further statement by the League office:


“After an exhaustive review of the available evidence the neutral arbitrator upheld an unpaid suspension of 194 games.  As part of the decision, the arbitrator reinstated Mr. Bauer effectively immediately, with a loss of pay covering the 144 games he was suspended during the 2022 season.  In addition, the arbitrator docked Bauer’s salary for the first 50 games of the 2023 season (i.e., the period covering March 30, 2023 to May 23, 2023).  While we believe a longer suspension was warranted, MLB will abide by the neutral arbitrator’s decision, which upholds baseball’s longest-ever active player suspension for sexual assault or domestic violence.

We understand this process was difficult for the witnesses involved and we thank them for their participation.  Due to the collectively bargained confidentiality provisions of the joint program, we are unable to provide further details at this time.”



The Dodgers also put out a statement:






Then this from the Bauer camp:

Twitter isn’t shy with their comments from both sides of Bauer situation.  Half want him to go directly into the HOF, while the other half want him burned at the stake.  The Dodgers will do whatever is best for the team as a whole.  I would not be surprised at all if the LAD veterans were polled as to what they think should be done.  All at the Happiest Time of the Year!




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Sam Oyed

If Bauer opts out he gets 15 million. I could easily see him signing an incentive laden contract with a base salary of at least 5-7 million. By opting out Bauer can control his own destiny.


What are the options?
1. We keep him and play him
2. He opts out for $15 mil and finds another team
MLB, Korea, Japan
3. We release him, pay his salary and he finds
another team
4. We somehow trade him
5. We release him,nobody else wants him,we pay
him to sit around and Twitter all day.

He should take option #2. I like #2 and #4.


My guess is the Dodgers will give in to the pressure and walk away. I have mixed feelings on the issue, I know from my reading and private conversations many people do. I’d let him pitch. But that’s me.

I grew up believing “innocent until proven guilty” but I learned the hard way that’s complete bullshit. In the court of opinion Bauer is guilty of conduct unbecoming a Dodger, so, as Plaschke clearly says morning, the Dodgers will release him and probably not wait until January 6th.

If he pitches I project 2-3 WAR for him. 3 wins probably won’t make the difference in the West. But it certainly could. SF is an open minded city. They could use a 3 Wins pitcher. Especially one we’re paying.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

Criminal charges were not made against Bauer. He should be able to move on with his life as anybody else would who wasn’t charged with a crime. But, I don’t look at this as a guilty or innocent situation. He decided to put himself in a situation that a person in the public eye and making millions should not do. It was not in the best interest of his profession, baseball, teammates, and his employer.

He paid for his decision like a person that serves time in prison does. He didn’t cheat or bet on games. His offense was outside baseball. He should be able to return to baseball. Would his return turn off fans who in return would not buy tickets or buy merchandise? Are there teams that are more sensitive to family values that wouldn’t want Bauer on their team?

There have been other players suspended and reinstated for MLB domestic policy violations. There is precedence.

There have been players that have been suspended and reinstated for cheating whether it be use of corked bats or PEDS.

Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA for life. The banishment came as a result of racial comments Sterling made.


You do know that this woman also had a tryst with Fernando Tatis Jr., right? The difference is only that she went after a Dodger, not a Padre.

Who else in public positions are guilty of this kind of behavior? Frankly it’s none of anyone’s business what consenting adults do behind closed doors.


I will be sorely disappointed if the Dodgers release him and he ends up pitching for another team on our nickel. The man committed no crime. He served his time.


The Dodgers got out of the Bauer contract cheaply enough. Signing him was a mistake and compounded by the amount of the contract. You can’t lose something you never had. A twenty-one and a half million dollar mistake in Baseball money, like in Monopoly money, is easier to chalk up to a learning experience and then move on.

My vote is to either trade him or release him. Hopefully he will opt out. The Dodgers have 14 days to make a decision. Give Bauer as many of those days to explore a contract with another team.


If there are teams that would sign Bauer once he is released then there will be competition. Who would win that competition? The Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Padres, Giants to name a few.

If a team wants Bauer at $22.5M and not at the bidding war cost, they would have to trade for him. I think he has trade value.

If Bauer thinks teams would bid for him he should opt out, take his $15M, and try to get another $20M+.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap

I am going to change my vote and keep him until they can trade him. I assume Bauer has the same 14 days to opt out as the Dodgers have to keep or release him. They can’t trade him before he can still opt out. It’s going to be a waiting game. First one to blink loses.

Fred Vogel

Trade him to the Mets or the Asstros.


How much would that cost? Nobody is going to do the Dodgers any favors.


If there are teams that would sign Bauer once he is released then there will be competition. Who would win that competition? The Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Padres, Giants to name a few.

If a team wants Bauer at $22.5M and not at the bidding war cost, they would have to trade for him. I think he has trade value


”I think he has trade value”

If we pick up most of it.

NOBODY is going to do the Dodgers any favors.


Taking him away from the Dodgers may not be considered doing the Dodgers a favor. There are PR favors and there are competitive favors.


I’m referring to how much of $23 million other teams might be willing to pay.

Singing the Blue

We don’t know for sure that if the Dodgers release Bauer any of the other 29 teams would sign him.

But one thing I can guarantee you, if he is unable to hook on with another MLB team, he will absolutely bring a suit against baseball for collusion.

I’m sure the owners are aware of this and I’m also sure there have been back channel conversations between owners and Manfred. What those talks have resulted in, I have no clue, but this could still get very ugly.


It would be kaepernick (spelling) all over again in a different sport, of course.


Saying the words in the National Anthem don’t apply equally to everybody and whatever Bauer did seem a little different to me.


I meant about potential collusion to non-sports matters.
Obviously they did different things!


I got a question for the algorithmatics in the crowd – how does the recent (prefix) “astro” signings effect $/WAR figures going forward. I got it at $9m+. How far off am I?


Bauer took to social media not long after the decision. I found it interesting that he said he was anxious to be back and to pitch for the fans and in a Stadium again. No mention was made of the Dodgers at all. I think he and the Dodgers will have a face to face before the 14 days are up. Releasing him and eating the money is not a fiscally sound idea. The man was never charged, nor was he convicted of anything.

Sam Oyed

The meeting will go like this;

AF: we’re planning on trading you to the Nats for Jeter Downs. Alternatively you can opt out and you get to decide where you want to go.


Not only was he not convicted of anything, he wasn’t charged. But that doesn’t matter to millions of people. The voices are loud and clear. Plaschke spoke for many of them in his column this morning.

I’m with those who want the Dodgers to stand up to the those who stand in judgment. Bauer has the scarlet letter stamped on him, and he will have to live with it. He’ll get booed, but so what? Correa and Altuve get booed and it doesn’t seem to matter to them.

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

In better, non-Bauer, news Baseball Prospectus has their review of the Dodgers system.

It’s a paid site, and it’s one that I don’t pay for. But I can crib some overviews:

Co-author Jeffrey Paternostro writes on Twitter:
The Dodgers system is maybe not quite as good as the Orioles system but it’s staggeringly deep in terms of potential above-average major leaguers. As good as this system is, it’s incredibly boring to research and write as they have optimized player dev to the point you feel like a grizzled basketball coach complaining that no one shoots mid-range jumpers anymore. In this metaphor the mid-range jumper is “have a BB/9 rate under 4” I guess.

The other co-author, the ludicrously funny and great Craig Goldstein writes:
Today on @baseballpro: The Los Angeles Dodgers Top Prospects. The first list to extend past 20 names due to the depth in the system. It lacks the Orioles’ star power at the top but has a ton of Top 101 names.

Eric Stephen, as always, has a great write-up:

Eric quotes about Nick Frasso:
“Like Stone, he was mostly a reliever in college, so there may be further gains to come if he can stay healthy and stick as a starter in 2023,” Paternostro wrote. “That could make him one of the best pitching prospects in baseball this time next year. Or it just might make him the Dodgers eighth-inning guy by August.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Bluto

I think Cartaya is expendable based on what was just said about Rushing.

Singing the Blue

Remember the name Yeiner Fernandez, another Venezuelan catcher in our system, younger than both Cartaya and Rushing, but also with terrific potential. If we need to trade a catcher we have three to choose from.

Sam Oyed

Are you sure the opt out is covered by the same ruling?

it’s interesting that, as of yet, the Dodgers haven’t made a detailed comment. Yes it’s a holiday weekend but I wonder if the silence is in affect it’s own statement.


Varsho traded to the Blue Jays for two players, Guerriel is one of them.

Fred Vogel

I felt bad for Kimbrel. It wasn’t for lack of trying that he wasn’t effective. I wish him good luck.

Last edited 1 year ago by Fred Vogel

I asked a question yesterday, didn’t get an answer, very disappointing, so I ran the numbers myself. I used fangraphs projected WAR for Correa over the length of his contract.

The answer is 9.375

In the Times this morning it was suggested that a couple of nameless Dodgers were not quoted saying the team does not want Bauer back. I suspect there is a gag order on the players so we aren’t going to know what anyone in the organization thinks until next year.

Going to be 79 here today.

Bah humbug everyone!


Happy Birthday Badger. 79 is too warm to be a temperature so it must be a birthday.

Gag order–appropriately named.

Singing the Blue

Badger is old but he’s not that old. 79 is indeed the expected temp reading here today.


I’m going for a swim later.

My high school buddy, lives on 120 acres in eastern Oklahoma, sent me picture of a signed Stan Musial card his neighbor gave him. Musial was my friend’s favorite player growing up. He said “they don’t make ‘em like Stan the Man anymore.” I wrote him back and said Aaron Judge will make more in 4 days than Stan Musial made in his entire 22 year career. That’s how they’re made today.

Singing the Blue

Yeah, but Stan paid much less for a cup of coffee back in those days.

I did some quick math and googling, found out the rate of inflation from the mid point of Stan’s career (approximately 1952) to today is a multiplication factor of about 11.25.

Stan made $85,000 in 1952 which would translate to $956,250 today. So, now we just need to figure out if Judge is making more than that. What’s that? He is? But just barely more, right?



Mets now expressing concerns about Correa’s physical. Seems the Giants had cause to worry. There is some question about his surgically repaired leg. Story on MLBTR.


Saw that.

I believe apologies for Farhan may be in order.


Yep, and he saved the team 300 million plus. Just that is worth an extension on his contract.


Not from me. I didn’t besmirsch him.

Giants should now make another offer but with caveats protecting them from which insurance won’t cover.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bumsrap

From The Badger BuzzFeed:

”Trevor Bauer was set up by a bat sh*t crazy Padre fan who thought she could extort he and the Dodgers for millions. It didn’t work. Bauer wouldn’t cave, but the weak kneed Dodgers did and will release Bauer the first week in January. You know who doesn’t fall for capers like this? The good level headed progressive fans in SF. The giants quickly picked Bauer up and will start him in every Dodger series in ‘23.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Badger

I’m with that majority. If he’s going to pitch it should be with the Dodgers. If he decides to opt out… what does that mean for cap space?


Gives Dodgers a few more million to play with.

I hope he is traded without any of his paycheck paid by Dodgers.

Pepiot and Bauer for Burns?


Well, it could come in handy. Frankly I think he should just go back to work for us. We’re going to need all the help we can get.

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